18 Jan 2024

Sushi course

From the Himalayas to the Sea:


Nepal is a perfect place to start your sushi master journey. Located in the shadow of majestic Himalayas, Nepal is not a place that comes to mind as one thinks about sushi. But in the core of Kathmandu, a trend of gastronomical quest is brewing and sushi is surfing its swell. Here at the International Hotel Training School, we would like you to join this revolution by acquiring virtu in sushi preparation through our all-encompassing course on Sushi Training in kathmandu.

This is not just a class; it’s an expedition. Imagine that you are transported from the comfort of spice-poised Nepali cuisine to Japan’s refined ocean breeze. Our trained instructors, using Japanese techniques, will assist you in mastering the nuances of this traditional art. You will discover the mysteries of perfectly cooked rice, exact knife cuts release flavors from fresh seafood as well artistry presentation turns simple into edibles works.

However, our methodology exceeds mere technique. We find that the cultivation of sushi elevates its flavor. In our curriculum, we dive into the historical background of sushi as well as its structural changes and relevance to Japanese society. Four steps reveal the philosophy of each step – from respect for fresh ingredients to harmony in flavors and textures.

This is the trip not only for budding chefs but also for those who love food and have a desire to live everything new. If you are a professional restaurateur who wants to sharpen an additional skill, a food enthusiast in search of impressing your guests at home, or simply someone interested in learning more about Japanese dishes, our sushi course is the one and only.

In case of Nepal, sushi symbolizes a cultural blend. You will also understand how to make changes in traditional methods of cooking so as use Himalayan herbs and fresh mountain trout. Think of developing “Momo Maki,” a fun take on the classic California roll or mastering nigiri garnished with striking Nepali chutneys. This is an opportunity for you, to be a pathfinder and put your own stamp on the development of sushi in Nepal.

Outside the classroom, our program provides an exceptional chance to engage in sushi culture. Sample vibrant marketplaces to access the finest produce, observe master fishmongers at work and revel in Kathmandu’s burgeoning sushi scene. You will leave as a Himalayan ambassador who had not only become a sushi chef but also learned to appreciate and look backward toward India.

Therefore, don’t forget to bring your chopsticks, dive into the realm of adventure and follow us in International Hotel Training School Name. Let this culinary outing begin! The Himalayas act as a compass, the ocean should serve you with grace and wisdom to make this timeless art form your guide. Now, uncover the endless possibilities of taste and create your chapter in the narrative about sushi in Nepal.