24 Sep 2018

Best Culinary Arts Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal

IHTS is one of the Best Academy of Diploma in Culinary Arts & Hotel Management College in Nepal

Introduction to Culinary Arts Academy in Nepal

Nepal is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisines. The country’s culinary culture is heavily influenced by its geography, climate, and ethnic diversity. Nepalese cuisine is a perfect amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan culinary styles, which makes it unique in its own way. In recent years, the culinary industry in Nepal has witnessed significant growth, which has led to the emergence of several culinary arts academies in the country.

In Nepal, a culinary arts academy is an establishment that imparts professional education and training to individuals who aspire to become chefs and pursue a career in the culinary industry. These academies equip students with the essential skills and knowledge that they require to excel in this field. The courses offered by these academies encompass a wide spectrum of topics such as food preparation, cooking methods, pastry arts, baking, and restaurant management.

One of the leading culinary arts academy in Nepal is the International Hotel Training School (IHTS). Established in 2015, IHTS is a private run institution that offers a range of courses in culinary arts and hotel management. The academy/college offers both diploma and degree courses in culinary arts, including a Bachelor of Hotel Management in Nepal program.

Culinary arts are a relatively new course in Nepal that has captured the attention of many students due to its potential earnings in the future. The plus points for this course can be sum up as the course is helpful for those seeking jobs and others looking for their own establishments as well. In recent years hospitality management courses have rightfully attracted the attention of many students.

Why Choose IHTS as Best Culinary Arts Academy in Nepal

We have specialized courses for individuals from all walks of life, from Barista/waiter training to Hotel Management training. Aspire to bring out the best from the service taker and students alike. And assure you at IHTS, you will learn to develop your skills, professionalism, and needed potential to thrive in this industry.

International Hotel Training School take great pride in our forthcoming Hotel Management Training College in Nepal, which shall pave the path for many to be culinary professionals in Nepal.  We at IHTS deliver one-of-a-kind, Boutique Hotel management training in Nepal. Our teaching methodologies are simple and practical; our courses are nationally and internationally certified. The United Kingdom’s Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) has accredited IHTS as prestigious institution. Along with its affiliation with Nepal’s CTEVT.

Course Fee for Diploma in Culinary Arts in our Academy is Rs 2,00,000 of 1860 Hours.

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Course Provided by IHTS

Keeping in mind the craze for hospitality management IHTS is creating hospitality management leaders with hands-on practical courses.  to fulfill the vast gap between supply and demand by providing professional training and also

The diploma in barista training in Nepal with the international tie-up with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). In Nepal, many students are trying to get into the field of hospitality management for an extended period of time.

From introductory short courses for passion building to diploma and advanced level classes for professionals. IHTS will make sure that student has the right set of tools and skills to become skillful. Which is only possible through IHTS with novel courses on service, food, and beverage. Our on-the-job training will also prepare you mentally and practically to get hired. We provide the best experience of culinary arts courses in nepal.

We always value the creativity and mastery of culinary arts for our students independently. This is the reason why IHTS is the Best Academy of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management College in Nepal.