18 Dec 2022

best cook training institute in kathmandu

It’s always challenging finding the right cook training institute in Kathmandu, especially if there are numbers of such institutes providing such services.
If you are one of them then definitely it will be worth reading how and where you can take the cook training course.

Wisely choose your cook training institute

Before jumping to conclusion you must be considering these factors

  • Accreditation: Make sure the institute is accredited by Nepal Government
  • Curriculum: Research the institute’s curriculum to ensure it covers the topics and skills you are interested in learning. 
  • Faculty: Look into the institute’s faculty and their qualifications to ensure they have the expertise to teach you. 
  • Facility: Visit the institute’s facility to see if it has the necessary equipment and resources for your training. 
  • Location: Consider the location of the institute and whether it’s convenient for you to attend.
  • Opportunities: Look into the Institute’s Professional Development opportunities, internships, on-job training, and job placement services after the completion of the course. 
  • Reviews and testimonials: Read online reviews and testimonials from students who have attended the institute to get an idea of their experience. 
  • Tuition and Financial Aid: Evaluate the tuition and financial aid options available to make sure they fit within your budget.

The best cook training institute in Kathmandu is the International Hotel Training School located at bhimsengola, old baneshwor. However there is a list of Institutes providing cooking courses.

IHTS is registered and approved by Nepal Government and the first hotel management & culinary arts school. It offers a wide variety of courses for aspiring cooks, from beginner to advanced levels. And training is provided by one of the Best Chef in Nepal with more than 30 years of Professional experience in Culinary Arts. Proud enough to say Chef’s are recognized by various institutions and have bagged many awards . 

The courses cover topics such as cooking techniques, food safety, menu planning, and more residing with the Culinary Arts program. The Institute also offers a certification program for those who want to become professional cooks. 

Why IHTS to choose for cook training institute

  • First and foremost IHTS is one of the Best Culinary Arts Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal. Find out more on why we consider ourselves as renowned Culinary Arts Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • IHTS is committed to its quality training with highly experienced instructors, who have more than three decades of industrial experience in Nepal and abroad.
  • IHTS has an internal standard big practical lab where in a single class 30 students can do practicals at a time.
  • It has been very flexible with the undertaking of students who come to us. Always thrive to deliver courses that are comfortable to students’ time and need. Our students are trained to look over details and maintain the up-most healthy and safe workplace they are suited to work in.
  • IHTS commits to providing Jobs after the training in the domestic and international markets.
  • We also conduct soft skill training like CV making, Interview preparation, communication skills,s and more.
  • After the completion of the training program, the institute offers internship programs in some of the best renowned hotels across the Kathmandu valley.

Opportunities after the course completion

After the successful completion of the internship, IHTS offers a wide range of employment opportunities for students both domestically and internationally. We have proven records of successful placement for our students. Many of our students are working in Qatar and Dubai. Few are in Australia and Europe.

Beside Cook Training we suggest you to get a certain peek into the Culinary Arts which is related to cooking. You could always see our resources for full details on Culinary Arts Academy Course in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Opportunities after training

With this need for trained and skilled human resources, there are many cook training institute in Kathmandu. Cook training in Kathmandu is a popular choice for young people who want to skill themselves. The restaurant and food industry is growing rapidly, and there is a wide demand for skilled cooks. Cook training in Kathmandu is provided by different vocational institutions with internship and job placement opportunities. The Cook training in Nepal course includes basic knife skills to food preparation. They also learn different kinds of Cuisine including Continental, Chinese, Italian, Nepali, and Indian.

Why cooking class?

There are various and different cuisines in the world that people might be confused about and learning new skills. Subsequetnly, there are many opportunities after taking cooking class but you need to be clear on what cuisine or what kind of food you want to specialize in. Indeed there are many reasons why cooking classes are worth taking.
Ahh, the reason could be anything, however what about cooking delicious food for your partner to make your relationship more romantic?

How to learn cooking class?

Cooking is a skill that can be developed through continuous learning and practice. It seems like many people during the lockdown period have developed the cooking skill. At first, many people face challenges and difficulty learning cooking because they don’t have proper guidance and tools. Having tools is a very important factor, if you don’t have proper tools then it will be very hard to learn cooking. Fortunately today, all the tools are easily available in the market. At present, there are many online resources like youtube, Meta etc. that can help you learn the basics of cooking.

However if you are thinking of becoming professional Chef and living in Kathmandu at present, it’s recommended to join the one of the Best Cook Training Institute in Kathmandu. It will definitely help you shine your career and you won’t waste your valuable time.

Cooking is a skill that can be developed by anyone and can be used in creating a healthy, balanced diet on your regular meal. There are many different cooking techniques that can be used to make different types of meals and improve the flavor of food. Cooking can also be a fun activity, and it can be a great way to bond with family and friends.

Benefits after taking cook training class

There are many reasons why cooking skills are important. First of all, cooking skills can help you save money. By cooking your own meals, you can save money on food costs. Secondly, cooking skills can help you eat healthier. By cooking your own meals, you can control the ingredients that go into them. Finally, cooking skills can help you impress your friends and family. By cooking delicious meals, you can show off your culinary prowess and impress your guests.

Different types of cuisine

Firstly, cooking is a great art and science to learn the skills. By taking cooking classes, you will be able to prepare many dishes. But there are so many varieties of cuisine. If you are interested in Italian cuisine then you will learn how to prepare pizza and pasta along with some introduction of herbs like rosemary, oregano, basil etc. Likewise,  if you learn to prepare naan with varieties of gravy and curry while Continental cuisine is the amalgamation of cuisines from countries all across the European continent. This type of cuisine combines ingredients, techniques, and flavors from many different nations to create a unique blend of foods. Italy, France, and Germany are some of the most influential countries on European cuisine, and their influences can be seen in Continental dishes. Last but not the least Newari Cuisine in KathmanduFrom the classic Italian pasta dishes to the sophisticated French sauces, Continental cuisine has something to offer everyone.

Tips to become successful Chef

Becoming a successful chef is a dream of many people. There are many roads to achieve this dream. The very important thing is you need to have passion for cooking and willing to give extra miles for hard work. There is no shortcut of hard work. The important quality of a successful chef is never stop learning. You need to become a student for your whole life. The other important skills for a successful chef are creativity, being able to work in a team and leadership, understanding the fundamentals of cooking, having knowledge about the knives on what, how to use. Since in an organization and in- depth knowledge of ingredients, you are not alone to work, you need to be able to work with a team. Finally, the last quality is being able to understand food safety and sanitation.

Challenges for becoming a professional Chef

Many young people think of becoming a professional chef but the roadway is not as easy as you think. There are many hidden challenges during the journey. Most people won’t tell you the truth about the real industry. The industry is very competitive and not easy in the beginning of your career. The stepping stone for at least three years is very tough but after the successful completion of five years, the journey becomes much easier.

Working as a chef is not easy since you have worked for a long time and need to stand at least 10 hours a day. Working with a fire for a long time makes you hyper as I have seen many chefs who already spend a decade lacking patience and high temper.

The common challenges of chefs are, it’s very difficult to maintain weight balance. Most of the chefs are overweight since they are so busy in their work, they can’t manage time to exercise and diet. To be a successful chef you need to equally balance health as well.

Tourism industry after Covid-19

In Nepal, Tourism in the context of domestic and international is growing after Covid-19. With the increase in tourism and restaurants, there have been great opportunities for Cook. Western cuisine has gained so much popularity in Nepal. Few international chain restaurants have been introduced and most local chains are increasing in the domestic market. With the popularity of the burger house and Crunchy fried chicken, many domestic chain restaurants are emerging.

At Last

IHTS is known for being the best hotel training center in Kathmandu. The graduate students recommend the best hotel training institute in Kathmandu. The teachers in this institute are highly qualified and have industry experience. Not only that but also they are well experienced in teaching faculty as well. According to kpadne.com, International hotel training school is a top ten cook training center. Anybody who wants to pursue their career as a professional chef, the center is highly recommended. The center not only provides quality training but job placement support abroad like UAE, Europe and other gulf countries.

International Hotel Training School is one of the renowned Hotel Management College in Kathmandu, Nepal as listed on the Kpadne.com. It is the most popular and highly recommended by its students. Please feel free to give us a call +977-01-4483167/+977-9851192612 or visit our location Bhimsengola Chowk, Old Baneshwor