03 Dec 2022

Cook Training in Kathmandu from Best Culinary Arts Academy

In Nepal, Tourism in the context of domestic and international is growing after Covid-19. With the increase in tourism and restaurant, there have been great opportunities for Cook. Western cuisine has gained so much popularity in Nepal. Few international chain restaurant has been introduced and most local chain is increasing in the domestic market. With the popularity of the burger house and Crunchy fried chicken, many domestic chain restaurants are emerging.

Opportunities after Cook training

With this need for trained and skilled human resources, there are many cook training institutes in Kathmandu. Cook training in Kathmandu is a popular choice for young people who wants to skill themselves. The restaurant and food industry is growing rapidly, and there is a wide demand for skilled cooks. Cook training in Kathmandu is provided by different vocational institutions with internship and job placement opportunities. The Cook training in Nepal course includes basic knife skills to food preparation. They also learn different kinds of Cuisine including Continental, Chinese, Italian, Nepali, and Indian.

IHTS is the Best Cook Training Insitute in Kathmandu

We have specialized courses for individuals from all walks of life, from Cook Training to Hotel Management training. Aspire to bring out the best from the service taker and students alike. And assure you at IHTS, you will learn to develop your skills, professionalism, and needed potential to thrive in this industry.

International Hotel Training School take great pride in our forthcoming Hotel Management Training College in Nepal, which shall pave the path for many to be culinary professionals in Nepal.  We at IHTS deliver one-of-a-kind, Boutique Hotel management training in Nepal. Our teaching methodologies are simple and practical; our courses are nationally and internationally certified. The United Kingdom’s Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) has accredited IHTS as prestigious institution. Along with its affiliation with Nepal’s CTEVT. IHTS is considered as Best Culinary Arts Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal with effective Course

Course Fee for Diploma in Culinary Arts in our Academy is Rs 2,00,000 of 1860 Hours.

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Challenges for becoming a professional Chef

Many young thinks of becoming a professional chef but the road way is not easy as you think. There are many hidden challenges during the journey. Most people won’t tell you the truth about the real industry. The industry is very competitive and not easy in the beginning of your career. The stepping stone for at least three years is very tough but after the successful completion of five years, the journey becomes much easier.

Working as a chef is not easy since you have work for a long time and need to stand at least 10 hours a day. Working with a fire for a long makes you hyper as I have seen many chef who already spend a decade lacks patience and high temper.

cooking class

Weight balance

The common challenges of chefs are, its very difficult to maintain weight balance. Most of the chefs are overweight since they are so busy in their work, they can’t manage time to exercise and diet. To be a successful chef you need to equally balance health as well.

Tips to become successful Chef

Becoming a successful chef is a dream of many people. There are many roads to achieve this dream. The very important things is you need to have passion for cooking and willing to give extra mile for hard work. There is no any short cut of hard work. The important quality of successful chef is never stop learning. You need to become a student for your whole life. The other important skills for a successful chef are creativity, able to work in team and leadership. Since in a organization, you are not alone to work, you need to able to work with team. Finally the last quality is able to understand food safety and sanitation.