Housekeeping is the management of duties involved in running household works such as cleaning and maintaining in and around the premises. This may involve sweeping, waxing and polishing floors, emptying waste baskets, changing sheets, folding and ironing clothes, cleaning the rooms and hallways, etc.
Learn housekeeping services:
1. To focus on taking care of little things of customers.
2. To aid in effective emergency response.
3. To create good first impressions on customers by creating clean and orderly premises.
4. To open door for deeper safety interactions with customers.
IHTS provides standard housekeeping training to guide people in Hospitality Industry as well as people who are planning to enter this industry. The training course last for duration of 3 months and focuses on all the necessities of housekeeping services.

The students will be certified by the Lincoln University (ETVA) after finishing the 4 months course.

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