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Mixed cuisine training

Short Course in Culinary Arts 4-6 Weeks


This intense & result oriented program is prepared specially for those students seeking jobs in the hospitality industry by enhancing Culinary Arts skills in a short period. No doubt, it’s result oriented, specially developed for those who want to enhance their skills in culinary arts. Also if you are one of the students waiting for a visa for studying abroad, it’s a crucial program. It definitely helps you get a part time job at earliest in the hospitality industry of foreign countries while pursuing the studies.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have any skills in kitchen, this program is developed for you too. Basic cooking course/ Introduction to Kitchen is one of the classes that will help you learn basic cooking which includes Cutting skills, Sauce making, Salad and Soup making, Breakfast menu, etc. Good News, you will be able to prepare a wide range of continental, Indian, Chinese, and Italian food.

What you’ll learn in Short Course

S.N. Subject
1 Introduction to Kitchen
2 Cutting Skills
3 Sauce Making
4 Salad & Soup Making
5 Break Fast Menu
6 Chinese Cuisine
7 Continental Cuisine
8 Indian Cuisine
9 Italian Cuisine

Is it helpful for my career?

Our Short Course in culinary arts provides you the exposure that will assist you in joining a kitchen department. After completing this course, it’s a gateway for entering  the culinary world. If you own a restaurant or fast food food, then within the short period of time you can develop a necessary culinary skills. This course will provide you with a good understanding of the operations for you to manage it better. Don’t miss it, it’s specially designed for you.

With your passion and completion of the Short Course in Culinary arts program, you can definitely start pursuing your career even thought it’s a fraction of Hotel Management

Ultimately it’s the skills that matter, right?

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