Waiter training in Nepal

Waiter Training

Welcome to the Waiter Training Program at [Hotel Training Center Name], one of Nepal’s pioneer institutions in hospitality training. Our comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic field of hospitality. Over the course of three and a half months, you will undergo intensive training that combines in-house theoretical instruction with practical experience in a 5-star hotel environment.

Course Duration

  • Total Duration: 3.5 months
    • In-House Training: 2 weeks
    • On-the-Job Training at a 5-star Hotel: 3 months

Course Content

In-House Training (2 Weeks)

Week 1: Introduction to Hospitality and Waiter Duties

  1. Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
    • Overview of the hospitality sector
    • Importance of customer service
    • Role and responsibilities of a waiter
  2. Personal Grooming and Professionalism
    • Personal hygiene and grooming standards
    • Professional behavior and ethics
    • Effective communication skills
  3. Restaurant Operations and Table Service
    • Understanding different types of restaurant services
    • Table setting and arrangement
    • Handling and serving dishes
  4. Menu Knowledge and Upselling Techniques
    • Understanding the menu and daily specials
    • Upselling and suggestive selling techniques
    • Handling special requests and dietary restrictions

Week 2: Advanced Service Skills and Practical Training

  1. Beverage Service
    • Types of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
    • Serving techniques and etiquette
    • Understanding wine and food pairings
  2. Order Taking and Billing Procedures
    • Effective order taking and communication with the kitchen
    • Handling billing and payments
  3. Health and Safety Standards
    • Food safety and hygiene practices
    • Emergency procedures and first aid
    • Maintaining a safe work environment
  4. Customer Complaint Handling and Conflict Resolution
    • Techniques for handling customer complaints
    • Conflict resolution strategies
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction

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