03 Sep 2023

The Best Academy for Diploma in Culinary Arts in Kathmandu, Nepal

When it comes to pursuing a diploma in Culinary Arts in Kathmandu, Nepal, there is one name that stands out above the rest – the International Hotel Training School (IHTS). With its exceptional features and unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, IHTS rightfully claims the title of the “best Academy for Diploma in Culinary Arts” in the region, and here’s why.

The Best Academy for Diploma in Culinary Arts with the Best Chef:

At IHTS, you learn from the very best. The school boasts a chef-instructor with over 30 years of national and international culinary experience. Also having worked in prestigious 5-star hotels. This culinary maestro brings a wealth of knowledge and industry insights, making IHTS the obvious choice for aspiring chefs who want to learn from the best in the field.

An Established and Best Academy for Diploma in Culinary Arts:

Established in 2015, IHTS has already earned a reputation as an old and renowned institution. Its legacy of producing successful graduates speaks volumes about its commitment to excellence. When you choose IHTS, you are selecting a culinary school with a proven track record. And reinforcing its position as the “best Academy for Diploma in Culinary Arts.”

Practical Learning: “Learning by Doing”:

IHTS doesn’t just focus on theory; it embraces the philosophy of “learning by doing.” Our diploma in culinary arts course goes beyond textbooks, offering students real-world, hands-on experience in industrial training settings. This practical approach equips students with the skills and confidence they need to thrive in a professional kitchen.

Cutting-Edge Kitchen Facilities:

IHTS takes pride in its advanced kitchen facilities, which are equipped with the latest culinary tools and equipment. These state-of-the-art kitchens provide students with the perfect environment to practice and perfect their culinary skills. From mastering fundamental techniques to experimenting with complex culinary creations, IHTS offers an ideal setting for aspiring chefs.

Exceptional Job Placement Opportunities:

One of the hallmarks of IHTS is its unwavering commitment to the future of its students. With a remarkable 100% job placement record, graduates can embark directly on rewarding culinary careers upon completing their diploma. Moreover, IHTS’s extensive network facilitates job placements not just in Nepal but also internationally, including sought-after destinations like Dubai and Australia.

In conclusion, the International Hotel Training School (IHTS) truly lives up to its title as the “best Academy for Diploma in Culinary Arts” in Kathmandu, Nepal. With a renowned chef-instructor, a rich legacy, a practical-oriented curriculum, cutting-edge kitchen facilities, and unparalleled job placement opportunities, IHTS sets the gold standard for culinary education in the region. If you dream of becoming a skilled and successful chef, your journey begins at IHTS. Definitely the best place to turn your culinary passion into a profession.