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Diploma in Professional Hospitality with JAP

Title: Kick Start Your Career with a “Diploma in Professional Hospitality”: Your

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Kabab Training Center in Kathmandu

Welcome to the International Hotel Training School in Kathmandu, where culinary

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Mystery Shopping
April 18, 2024 Creator

Mystery Shopping in Nepal

Mystery Shopping in Nepal In the ever-changing world of Nepali commerce, providing

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Housekeeping Training Center in Kathmandu.

Housekeeping Training Center in Kathmandu Are you passionate about cleaning and

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thai food training
April 17, 2024 Creator

Thai Food Training in Nepal

Thai cook training in Nepal at International Hotel Training School, Kathmandu  Do you

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Pizza Training Course

Are you passionate about Culinary arts and seeking specialization in the world’s most

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Thakali Khana
January 23, 2024 Creator

Thakali Cuisine

Embark on a Thakali Cuisine:  Step up among the majestic Himalayas lies on a hidden

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Sushi course

From the Himalayas to the Sea:   Nepal is a perfect place to start your sushi

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Bakery Training
November 27, 2023 Creator

Bakery course in Nepal

Bakery Course Embark on a Sweet Career with Bakery course in Kathmandu The aroma of

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Culinary Education in Nepal

Nepal is a country of rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary traditions. Nepal,

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Waiter Training in Nepal

Kathmandu is the vibrant capital of Nepal, its hospitality culture and its oldest

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Ramada Wyndham
September 6, 2023 Creator

Grand Entry of Ramada Wyndham: Itahari

Introduction Nepal’s hospitality landscape is evolving, and the recent grand

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Best Hotel Management College in Nepal

IHTS is the Best Hotel Management College in Nepal Why IHTS is the Best Hotel

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December 20, 2022 International Hotel Training School

Newari Cuisine

Newari Cuisine, those who have already tried the Dish I can sense that your mouth is

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best cook training institute in kathmandu

It’s always challenging finding the right cook training institute in Kathmandu,

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International Chain Hotels in Nepal

Before listing out the International Chain Hotels in Nepal, it would be fruitful to

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Indian Cooking Course- One of the Culinary Arts Academy Course in Nepal

Indian Cook Training these days is very demanding in Kathmandhu due to popularity of

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Best Bakery Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Bakery Training recently has been fascinating and increasing trend in Kathmandu,

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cooking class
December 4, 2022 Creator

Cooking classes

Why cooking class? There are many cuisine in the world that people might be confuse

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Cook Training in Kathmandu from Best Culinary Arts Academy

In Nepal, Tourism in the context of domestic and international is growing after

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Sushi Training in Kathmandu

IHTS provides the Best Sushi Course Training in Kathmandu, Nepal Sushi Course It is a

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Get Chef Training in Nepal from Best Culinary Arts Academy

Chef Training in Nepal Chef also known as the scientist of Food who prepares

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SUSHI: Everything you need to know about

SUSHI Is a popular Japanese dish consisting of prepared vinegared rice, which is

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Diploma Courses in Nepal

What exactly are Diploma Course in Nepal being provided by Institutions? This blog

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Bakery Businesses

Bakery Business, Are you thinking of starting? Then definitely this one is for you to

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Career in Housekeeping

Well let us make you clear on how the Career in Housekeeping is? Even though it has

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Career in Culinary Arts

Culinary arts are the art of cooking, preparation, and presentation of different

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Bartender Training in Nepal

Bartender Training in Nepal is what you have been looking for then definitely

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Barista Training in Nepal

Barista Training in Kathmandu, Nepal: A Guide to Becoming a Coffee Expert Coffee

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how to choose the best Chef’s knife for Culinary Arts

Chapter on how to Choose the Best Chef’s Knife. Get idea before you buy. If you

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Waiter training in Kathmandu

Before taking waiter training in kathmandu why don’t you take a look what

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Cheese Fundamentals

The making process starts with the ripening of milk. It comes with different

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Starting a Career in Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts! Sounds Delicious. If you love experimenting in the kitchen, if you

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Best Hotel Training in Kathmandu(Nepal)

We are the Best Hotel Training School in Kathmandu, Nepal. We provide Cookery

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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture in Hotel Industry of Nepal as experienced By Deependra Singh (

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Hotel industry in Nepal

Hotel Industry in Nepal is totally different than expected and seen. Obviously

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Best Culinary Arts Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal

IHTS is one of the Best Academy of Diploma in Culinary Arts & Hotel Management

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Primarily it’s to be the Best Hotel Management College (School) in Nepal.

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IHTS is a complete solution to the skill development and capacity building in today’s

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About IHTS

INTRODUCTION ABOUT IHTS No Doubt, Travel and Tourism is the largest industry all over

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