IHTS provides the best bakery training in Kathmandu which covers the fundamental aspects of baking and managing a bakery business in Nepal.

The course duration is 1 month with an optional 3 months internship in a renowned café and bakery in Kathmandu.

Bakery Training Program is planned and designed so that trainees can learn and start a bakery business in Nepal or work in any bakery outlet after the completion of the course. The course also helps students who are seeking skills in order to make their living better during their abroad studies.

Key Highlights

Course: 1 month

1 White Bread
2 Burger bun
3 Hot dog
4 Pizza base
5 Breadstick
6 Doughnuts
7 Soup rolls or bread rolls
8 Loaf
9 Sweat paste
10 Tart
11 Pie
12 Cookies
13 Piping cookies
14 Puff
15 Veg Patties
16 Chicken patties
17 Palmiers
18 Sausage roll
19 Croissant
20 Danish
21 French bread
22 Garlic bread
23 Brown Bread
24 Muffins
25 Cupcakes
26 Cream caramel
27 Bread and butter pudding
28 Banana cake
29 Carrot cake
30 Cheesecake cold
31 Baked cheesecake
32 Vanilla Sauce
33 Chocolate sauce
34 Butterscotch sauce
35 Custard
36 Vanilla sponge
37 Chocolate sponge
38 Mousse
39 Profit roll
40 Chocolate eclair
41 Swan eclair
42 Carrot halwa
43 Rice pudding
44 Showpiece bread
45 Cigarettes paste
46 Chocolate pralines
47 Chocolate Brownie
48 Chocolate Cake
49 Black forest cake
50 Vanilla &Butter Scotch cake

It is a short course specially developed for students who want to take bakery training only. However, IHTS has 1 Year program of Professional Diploma in Hotel Management for students in Kathmandu. This 1 year program definitely incorporates bakery training and other course too.

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