Certificate in Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts are the cooking, preparation, and presentation of food in form of meals. Culinary art also includes the preparation of food menus, cooking commodities using different processes, and presenting food to customers which is pleasing to the eye. Culinary Art training also includes an understanding of food science, nutrition, and diet which is useful for preparing meals.

The course duration of a Certificate in Culinary Arts is 4 months (Inc. Internship) and we also provide job placement opportunities. We also provide an express course which consists of 4 hours a day that is completed in a month.

Benefits of Culinary arts:
1. Increased familiarity with food and how to prepare them.
2. Understanding of different cooking techniques and processes.
3. Refining fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
4. Understanding of nutrition.
5. Increased understanding of how foods are grown, where it comes from, how is it prepared and what ingredients make up similar dishes.

IHTS achieves it through robust monitoring supported by the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

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