What courses are available at International hotel training School?

We have one stop hotel training solution. We have all the necessary courses related to the hotel industry.
  1. Professional Diploma in Hotel Management
  2. Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts
  3. Short Course in Culinary Arts
  4. Barista Training
  5. Bartender Training
  6. House Keeping
  7. Bakery Training

Will I get a certificate after the training?

Yes, of course. You will get the certificate after the training.

Will the certificate be internationally validated?

Yes, our certificate is internationally validated. The employer recognizes the certificate by searching in google. Once the employer finds the name of the organization in google then the certificate is internationally validated. But we recommend you to develop skills. The employer wants a skilled person, not a certificate.

Where is IHTS located?

We are located at Bhimsengola chowk, old baneshwor, laxmi bank building 2nd and 3rd floor on the way to sinamangal. Search on google map for a specific location.

Is IHTS expensive?

We are not cheap but we have affordable courses. Our courses are compatible and affordable but at the same time, we don’t compromise with quality. We have a very highly experienced instructor who has more than 3 decades experience in the industry.

Will I get the job after the training?

We don’t guarantee a job but we help you to find the job.

Where can I get the job after the training?

Most of our students apply abroad, we have tie up with a few manpower companies, we notify you for the job demand and if you successfully appear in an interview, you can fly the world.

Is an internship available after the course?

Yes, internships are available and it’s completely free.

Will I get paid during the internship?

No, since you are there to learn the skills, you won’t get paid for the internship.

Do you have a hostel facility?

We don’t have a separate hostel of our own but we have tied up with a few hostels near our school.

What is the fee structure of diploma in culinary arts?

Starts from Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 13,00,000.
Diploma in Culinary Arts Course Fees depends upon the time duration of course, College Brand and Infrastructure.

Is Culinary Arts a 4 year course?

No, it can be of 1 Year too. Culinary Arts Academy Course provided by IHTS is of 1 year affiliated to CTEVT. IHTS is the Best Culinary Arts Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What is the fees of hotel management course in Nepal?

The fee structure of BHM lies in between NRs. 3, 50,000 – Rs 10, 00,000.

How is the Career of Hotel Management in Nepal?

Since Nepal is Tourism Country, Career of Hotel Management in Nepal is promising and rewarding.

Cost of Bakery Training in Kathmandu

It’s Rs 15,000 to 30,000