Barista Training Course educates students about the way to grind and brew coffee in addition to preparing diverse coffee-based and different types of beverages. Some applications encompass practice on various roasts, growing areas, and grind types. The training commonly includes approaches for customer support, cash register, operation, and inventory along with latte art and cupping. Barista Training is one of the very common training in Nepal as well. The course duration is of two weeks and helps students going abroad by getting a part-time job. After the completion of the Barista course, the student will be provided internship opportunities in the industry but it’s absolutely optional.

Barista (Coffee Maker) is one of the most popular professions in Kathmandu these days. At present Coffee is not just a Drink, it’s a lifestyle turned into a culture that is followed by most of the people in Kathmandu. With growing number of Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Kathmandu adopting Espresso based technology, the profession has brought its demand at peak.

Barista Class incorporates both theory and practical sessions, ensuring our students will not only be able to brew the best cup of coffee, but also engage in insightful conversations about the beans & be one of the best Barista person.

It’s a complete training course in Espresso and Brewed Coffee for any individual and leverage to those who are planning to go abroad or want to be in specialty coffee business.

Course Duration: 15 days (1-month internship optional)


  • A brief History of Coffee
  • Coffee Beans
  • Roasting and Blending
  • Espresso Equipment
  • Extracting Perfect Espresso
  • The Art of Steaming and Foaming Milk
  • Cleaning, Safety & Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Occupational Health & Safety

After completion of the course students will receive a barista certificate along with letter of recommendation


  • Graduates
  • Non-Graduates
  • Employees
  • Employers/Entrepreneurs in Coffee Industry
  • Aspiring Students for studying abroad

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