06 Sep 2023

Grand Entry of Ramada Wyndham: Itahari


Nepal’s hospitality landscape is evolving, and the recent grand entry of Ramada Wyndham into the city of Itahari, Sunsari, marks a significant milestone in this transformation. The renowned American chain hotel’s establishment, known as “Grand Central Hotel,” is set to redefine luxury and hospitality standards in this region. This move is poised to not only elevate the local economy but also provide travelers with a world-class accommodation experience outside of the capital, Kathmandu.

A New Horizon in Itahari’s Hospitality Scene

Ramada Wyndham’s entry into Nepal’s hospitality market has generated waves of excitement, and rightfully so. The opening of the Grand Central Hotel in Itahari is a testament to the growing recognition of Nepal’s potential as a global travel destination. As the first American chain hotel to venture outside of Kathmandu, Ramada Wyndham is showcasing its confidence in the region’s economic growth and tourism prospects.

Strategic Location and Unparalleled Luxury

The Grand Central Hotel enjoys a strategic location in Itahari, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers. Its proximity to the East-West Highway and key commercial areas positions it as a hub for those seeking convenience without compromising on comfort and luxury. The hotel boasts a range of elegantly designed rooms and suites that offer a blend of modern amenities and a touch of local aesthetics.

Economic Implications

The introduction of a globally recognized hotel chain like Ramada Wyndham brings with it a myriad of economic benefits. The Grand Central Hotel has generated employment opportunities for the local workforce, ranging from hospitality professionals to support staff. This influx of jobs contributes to the local economy by improving living standards and increasing disposable income within the community.

Moreover, the hospitality industry acts as a catalyst for economic growth by attracting both domestic and international tourists. As Itahari becomes a more appealing destination for travelers, the city can expect to witness an increase in visitor spending on accommodations, dining, and other local businesses. This economic injection can lead to infrastructural development, improved public services, and an overall rise in the quality of life for residents.

Elevating Nepal’s Tourism Profile

While Kathmandu has traditionally been the focal point for international tourists, the opening of the Grand Central Hotel in Itahari is set to diversify Nepal’s tourism offerings. This move challenges the notion that luxury accommodations are limited¬†

to the capital city. Itahari, with its blend of urban amenities and proximity to natural attractions, is now positioned as a potential gateway to exploring the eastern regions of Nepal.

The Grand Central Hotel’s affiliation with the Ramada Wyndham brand is likely to attract tourists who value consistency and excellence in service across different locations. This can lead to an increase in both domestic and international visitors, further highlighting Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and warm hospitality.

The opening of Ramada Wyndham’s Grand Central Hotel in Itahari, Sunsari, is a significant stride in Nepal’s hospitality journey. This establishment not only brings global standards of luxury to the city but also showcases Itahari’s potential as a thriving travel destination. The economic implications, coupled with the elevation of Nepal’s tourism profile, make this venture a win-win for the local community, travelers, and the nation at large. As the Grand Central Hotel opens its doors, it invites the world to experience Nepal’s beauty and hospitality beyond its capital, shaping the future of tourism in the eastern regions of this diverse nation.