16 Dec 2022

Best Bakery Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Bakery Training recently has been fascinating and increasing trend in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s because of the Nepaese increasing demand for Bakery Items.

Bakery Training Course in Nepal

Bakery is one of the most liked food in Nepal. The most famous food is momo in Nepal. Besides that, people also began to like consuming Bakery items like donuts, bread, cooking, muffin, puff, and many more. Since the market has grown rapidly, the need for human resources has been a gap in the bakery industry. To solve these gap, today many bakery training institutes in Nepal have been established in the major cities. The training programs are usually one to three months. After the training, most of the young people fly to golf, but few remain in the country and established their own bakery businesses in Nepal. But where ever you plan to move, where ever you stay, get trained in Bakery Training in Kathmandu, you won’t regret.

Course contents of one month

Bread, Puff and Patties, Varieties of cooking, Donut, Muffin, Burger bun, Pizza dough, and pastries.

Course contents of three months

Bread and its types donuts and its types, Puff and Patties, Varieties of cooking, Croissant, Donut, Muffin, Burger bun, Danish, pie, Toffee, Pizza dough and Cake, and different types of cake, Decoration of cake.

Cost of Bakery Training in Nepal

The price range of Bakery and pastry course vary with the training institution but the training comes under 15000 to 35000 for one month and 45000 to 85000 for three months.

Which course is better for me?

It depends upon your expectation. In three months course, you will learn many varieties. But if you don’t have time then one month is also not bad. But, what is suggested, if you have enough time and are serious about becoming a bakery chef, then three months of training and three months of internship are highly recommended.

Why IHTS is the Best Bakery Training Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal

The best bakery training in Kathmandu can be found at Bhimsengola chowk, Old Baneshwor Kathmandu. International Hotel Training School offers a wide range of bakery training including pastries. A highly experienced instructor, sufficient space lab and a well-equipped lab make it the best bakery training in Kathmandu. The institution is providing quality training in Kathmandu for over 8 years.

IHTS gives the best bakery training in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the perfect place to develop baking skills. And to get the best possible baking experience. IHTS is the best bakery training center with friendly and welcoming staff and the taste of the bakery was incredible.

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