Food and Beverage Service is the art of serving food and drinks and is a dynamic industry including a wide range of jobs: Baristas, Head Waiters, Mixologists (persons skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks), and Sommeliers (wine waiters).

This course is for 4 months (Inc. Internship)

What do you learn?
1. Ability to serve customers cheerfully and courteously.
2. Skills to prepare tables or counters for meals.
3. Record orders and place them in the kitchen and bar.
4. Clean and reset the table.
5. Tabulate and present bills for payment.
6. Knowing how to handle plates of food and glasses of drinks.
At IHTS, you will be under the supervision of professionals and leaders of the dynamic Food & Beverage Director. We ensure to provide you with standard food & beverage service training.

The student will be certified by IHTS by successful completion of the course.

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