24 Sep 2018

About IHTS


No Doubt, Travel and Tourism is the largest industry all over the world. It encompasses Transportation, Operations and Food & Beverages in the region of hospitality management. Hospitality Industry is very vast and has become a growing largest civilian industry.

Likewise Nepal is country largely dependent upon the Tourism industry. The industry has shed great opportunities for the individuals looking for a gateway to immerse in this sector.

Then comes the important role of IHTS providing Hotel Management Training College/School/Institution in Nepal.

International Hotel Training School takes a great pride on our forthcoming Hotel Management Training College/School in Nepal, which shall pave the path of many to be a Culinary Arts Professional in Nepal. We at IHTS deliver one of a kind, Boutique Hotel Management Training in Nepal. Our teaching methodologies are simple and practical; our courses are nationally and internationally certified. IHTS is the only standing agency to be accredited from the prestigious institution of United Kingdom’s Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). And affiliation with Nepal’s Government CTEVT.

We have specialized courses for individuals from Barista/ Waiter/ Housekeeping/ Culinary Arts Academy training to Hotel Management Training. We aspire to bring out the best from the service taker and students alike. Accredited by CTH London and Nepal Government, we are well versed in Hospitality management in Nepal. Because we provide systematic teaching lessons, culinary arts academy course and food production. Also with numerous activities that are conducted and given by experienced professionals.

We assure you at IHTS, you will learn develop your skills, professionalism and needed potential to thrive in this industry.

Why Choose US

IHTS is the First and Best hotel management training school/College in Nepal under the leadership of existing dynamic Food & Beverage Director, Executive Chef of 5-star deluxe hotel of Nepal, that offers a wide range of programs in the fields of hotel management and culinary arts. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Our hotel management program covers a variety of topics including front office operations, guest relations, and food and beverage management. And our culinary arts academy course focuses on classical and modern cooking techniques, as well as food safety and sanitation. We are committed to helping our students achieve their career goals and make a meaningful impact in the world of hospitality.

In Details about IHTS

  • IHTS provides world classes Hotel management courses and skill-building training for students interested to work in the hospitality industry. IHTS has designed the courses for all sorts of individuals with devised research and international best practices. And yes with aim to take the dynamics of the training.
  • Hotel Management Training at IHTS will enable our students to pursue their careers in the industry. Also help introduce these courses to novice cooking enthusiasts. The training will prepare and equip students with skills to earn and sustain wherever they go.
  • Hospitality as a career is a very interesting job to be. It is also one of the fastest and immediately transferable jobs in the world. Definitely IHTS Hotel Management Training Course in Nepal will give students a global perspective and build relationships around the globe. Hotel training is luxurious and enjoyable and the most regarding course offered yet in Nepal’s backdrop.
  • Our Hotel management course will enable our students to manage and develop service and business plans with respect to the business developments of the hospitality industry. Our training will enforce students with diverse knowledge and deal with the situation in the workplace. And also look upon the basic to microscopic elements in hotel management from business law to health and safety.
  • Making it possible to manage and deliver the recipies, preparation, and service to the  Hotel industry. We practice many approaches with the students and train them to be team players and help them make the right choices in their hotel management careers.
  • Our hotel training can be good vocational training for those who are seeking to empower themselves with practice and skills.  Hotel training of IHTS can also be very effective for those who are seeking domestic and international employment.

Additional Reasons

  • IHTS believes in equal participation and we value each student in our class with equal priority and dedication.  IHTS takes extra measures in grooming and attitude of the student who enrolls with us, preparing them for this competitive market nationally or internationally.
  • IHTS also provides hospitality workshops every week or so to help the students grow and develop the necessary skills they require while working in the hospitality industry.
  • The take-home notes from our courses will be entirely based on professional grounds and would be an asset to have to equip you with an understanding of the kitchen and operations of the food industry which is very much needed in hotel management or the hospitality industry. Aim is to be the top hotel management training college/school provider in Nepal.
  • IHTS has been very flexible with the undertaking of students who come to us and we always thrive to deliver the courses that are comfortable to students’ time and need.
  • Hotel management courses are growing rapidly with the consistent growth and demand of job providers. So, to meet the demand and growth there are many hotel training centers available for students to train themselves for a good future as the hotel management career is vast providing lots of opportunities for those who seek a good chance to improve and excel in their career.
  • We simply don’t focus on filling the quota of Students infarct we provide proper counselling on Hotel Management. As a matter of fact we are delighted to share them about Hotel Management, it’s career and what next after completion to sustain in real world.