24 Sep 2018


IHTS is a complete solution to the skill development and capacity building in today’s industry, we are experienced and full of potential to facilitate education to our students and our training course on cooking has a very interesting approach to be taught. We provide an extremely sophisticated level of cooking class in Kathmandu where the student will immerse himself or themselves in the art of cooking. Our cooking course is specially designed for those candidates who are quick learners and are in a bit of a hurry to learn cooking.  Our cooking training in Kathmandu is unique and very much efficient to the needs of the clients.  IHTS’s cooking class consists of practical-based teaching and contemporary flair to the learning while building a skill set.  Our cooking course is internationally standardized and certified by a London-based partner in the culinary world.

IHTS takes pride in the cooking course, it is the only technical-vocational based course delivered by IHTS adapted much from the London-based institute and transferring the glorious knowledge to the hands of Nepalese.  IHTS provides certification for all the courses taught in our facility.  Our cooking training is equipped with the highest of standards and has the excellent facilities to match such prestigious certification. Special attention has been given to types of equipment used by our students from kitchenware to cutleries. Cooking training is usually carried out by the experienced master in the industry with experience in five-star facilities.  Cooking classes will also feature opportunities for deserving candidates who do very well in the class.

Resources required for the cooking class will be handed out to students from notes to special library resources upon request. IHTS will also provide brief courses upon the request of candidates. Excelling the control of cuisines is harmony, knowing the seasonings and an ingredient is a must to be a good cook.  In IHTS we teach the flavors with the perfect approach to cook delight. A cooking course will enable students to know all the fundaments of cooking in the devised kitchen anywhere. Now preparing delicious meals would be so easy and candidates will also be able to use a professional knife safely and many other major tasks in simple ways.

We prepare students with many approaches and techniques to cook food from the right temperatures to set the recipe right with practical examples where students will be paired with techniques taught in class, so they can brush up their cooking skills simultaneously. Cooking classes are featured and filled with many surprises from the elements of enterprising to the selection of ingredients and experienced hands to guide our students in their journey.

Cooking classes in Kathmandu will aim at having a good time during the training, learning ways to cook, and using the resources in completely new ways.  In addition to learning from the professionals in the business, the candidates will also enjoy the cooking class with techniques they can polish using scientific and safe cooking methods. IHTS holds state-of-the-art facilities topped with a modern equipped kitchen, where course takers will likely be learning from the best in the industry of nepal. Not only we are a hotel management institute in Nepal but we are very much excited to take culinary arts to next level with a different internship abroad with our overseas partners for placements.