23 Mar 2024

Pizza Training Course

Are you passionate about Culinary arts and seeking specialization in the world’s most liked dish?  Look no further! Our International Hotel Training School (IHTS) is proud to announce the launch of our exclusive Pizza Making Course, designed to attract aspiring culinary enthusiasts. This comprehensive program is your doorstep for mastering the skill of pizza making, Preparing you in the journey of discovering the art and science of culinary.

Why Choose Us for Pizza Training Course?

Our Pizza Training Course stands out for its specialized recipe for crafting the unique taste of pizza. Here’s what our program makes us unique:

  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from the highest experience in the industry. Our instructors are renowned chefs with more than 2 decades years of experience in Italian cuisine and pizza making. They bring their priceless experience and wealth of knowledge, skill, and secret techniques to the instructions, offering personalized attention to each student.
  • International standard Kitchen: Our Food production lab is well equipped with the latest culinary technology and modern gas oven, providing you with the perfect timing for baking Pizza.
  • Global Culinary Skills: While teaching you the traditional methods of pizza crafting, our course also comprises contemporary and innovative fusion around the world, ensuring you can craft delicious and flavorful dishes.
  • Ready to join the industry: Beyond sharpening your pizza design, you will learn fermentation, temperature control, and the art of plating and presenting the food. 
  • Internship Opportunities: We also offer one-month internship placements in prestigious restaurants allowing you to gain real-world experience and network with professional chefs in the industry.

What Will You Learn?

Our Pizza Making Course covers the following chapters:

  • Dough preparation and fermentation processes
  • Selection of ingredients and flavor combinations
  • Techniques for hand-stretching dough, sauce making, and cheese selection
  • Baking in a gas oven
  • Menu development and the business of running a pizzeria

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for:

  • Aspiring chefs looking to specialize in Italian cuisine
  • HM students seeking to expand their skill 
  • Restaurant workers aiming to enhance their menu offerings
  • Food enthusiasts passionate about learning the art of pizza making
  • Foodologist, Food blogger, Food critics

Train with Us and Transform Your skill into Your Profession

Getting enrolled in our Pizza Training Course at the International Hotel Training School is more than just learning pizza making; it’s about embarking on a culinary journey that inaugurates giant opportunities in the hospitality industry.  

Whether your dream is to establish your own cloud kitchen or make warm hospitality in your home or start your fast food restaurant learn the new skill sets and upgrade you to the world of Culinary and hospitality.

Don’t miss our this opportunity to turn your dream to become a pizza chef into a rewarding career.  Apply today and take the first step toward becoming a pizza Chef!


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