thai food training
17 Apr 2024

Thai Food Training in Nepal

Thai cook training in Nepal at International Hotel Training School, Kathmandu

 Do you want to unleash your culinary passion?

Are you an ambitious chef with a sense of adventure? Do you wish to become the master of full-flavored and fragrant Thai food? Then, go no further than Thai cook training courses offered by International Hotel Training School located in Kathmandu, Nepal which is like no other.

Why Choose Thai Cook Training at International Hotel Training School?

Skilled Instructor: Our experienced chefs are experts in making Thai dishes. You can study under true professionals by learning old ways and latest techniques.

Practical Experience: At International Hotel Training School, we believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, our hands-on learning approach ensures that you prepare enough authentic Thai meals. From Pad Thai to Green Curry each recipe is perfected alongside our expert teachers.

Top-Notch Equipment: These days our kitchen facilities have been stocked with modern culinary paraphernalia that offers a professional setting for skill enhancement. Whether just beginning or an advanced chef, all tools needed for one to succeed in this art are available.

Join us now for you journey to Thai Culinary!