24 Sep 2018


Primarily it’s to be the Best Hotel Management College (School) in Nepal. Let’s walk you through how we are doing.

Why IHTS is the Best Hotel Management College in Nepal

IHTS primarily focuses on providing enhanced education and supervisory level skill-oriented training to cater to the demand of the increasing hospitality industry. The hospitality industry has developed rapidly over the past few decades at the national as well as international levels, hence the need for professionally trained manpower is vital.

IHTS promises to fulfill this increasing demand by delivering training which adhere to international standards. The courses provided are a blend of theoretical and practical components for tomorrow’s increasing need for hospitality leaders. We would encourage students to step into our office and know more about the programs we provide.  We have specially designed local and overseas internship and job placements and full support in China, Thailand, Dubai, and Malaysia.

Approved by Nepal Government

At the moment IHTS is certified by the national standard and certified by the vocational training and international standard.  IHTS focuses on food production, sales, and beverage services and provides full customization to the needs of the students.  Our candidates or students can choose to work abroad or in a national capacity after their time in a hotel management institute in Nepal.

IHTS course and lesson plans are totally practical based on principles from theory, IHTS is no lesser than any hotel management college in Kathmandu, and we are confident in our establishment and course structure.  We are the only facility that can deliver the placement facilities in chain-star hotels, ship crews, and flight catering. IHTS provides one of the modern kitchens and resources to the candidates who join us. We are structurally designed with appropriate areas for practical training.  Our faculty is aimed to be one of the best guides to professionalism and our institute aims to be the best hotel management institute in Nepal.

Practice that makes us the Best Hotel Management College

IHTS is a practical institution that empowers the students with the right set of tools and provides all our candidates with the basic to most advanced level of knowledge in the business. Candidates are able to equip themselves with the skill set with full potential to develop as a professional.  Our lesson plans and academic training packages will ensure that the student reaches their full potential. IHTS offers very flexible learning hours and precise training materials to excel in the business.

Outcome after being member of IHTS

IHTS has revolutionary mechanisms hotel management programs. And ensure students are of great benefit after the completion of the course.  We aim for service and quality rather than just increasing the manpower.  We are focused to bring out the best in students and enhance the quality of service given by the operators of the facility.  Apart from just classroom and kitchen we are open to career counseling and focused on the personal development of our students with much emphasis on personal hygiene, learning from the experts, and industry visits. We are here to prove ourselves to become the best in the arena.

With us you can build your career and life, we support well being of our candidates. And most importantly with the partnership abroad we assure you that today’s candidates will become tomorrow’s IHTS’s goodwill ambassadors.

We also provide proper counselling and guidance to our Students who want to enroll in IHTS. Proper information about Hotel Management and future aspects of career along with best road map is provided. However if you can’t visit now it’s worth reading the blog/resource for knowing about Hotel Management, it’s scope in Nepal & Internationally, proper road map.

Finally, we are proud to say that we are the Best Hotel Management College in Nepal(Kathmandu)